I will help you communicate climate and nature clearly, consistently and positively.

Climate change has been communicated incredibly badly so far, but the silver lining to that is if we can turn it around, and bring simple principles of clarity, consistency and positivity, I know we can make a huge difference in a short time. I am passionate about helping impactful businesses and organisations address the twin challenges of climate and nature.
I do this through helping them communicate effectively.

Where I add value


I help you to prioritise what to spend your time, energy and money on in order to communicate effectively and get your audiences to do what you want them to do.


I have a deep knowledge of this sector – I provide landscape mapping and contextualisation for your stakeholders.


I write messaging, content, impact reports, strategies and plans.


I love making your communications look and feel beautiful, digestible and impactful.

Online engagement

I make sure your website and social media are working hard to engage and inspire your audiences.


I provide media training and speaker coaching.

My approach

Objectives & offer

Define communications objectives that support clear organisational objectives, offer and values.


Identify the specific audiences that will help fulfil organisational objectives


Write messaging that will engage and influence audiences


Find and use effective channels through which to reach and influence key audiences

My approach

Ways we can work together


I work with a limited number of 1:1 clients on a monthly basis, offering my expertise in strategic communications on all of the above services and more.


I have a number of workshops and “health check” options that you can choose if you would like my expertise on something specific, or just want to engage with me on an ad hoc basis.


Need my advice? Want to pick my brains about sector specific issues or concerns? Would like my take on a strategy or direction? Book in a half hour call and we can discuss.

The way I work


I use my 20+ years experience in communications with 6+ years experience in the climate and nature sectors to advise my clients on communications strategy and implementation. I am on hand to answer client questions, be part of meetings, deliver work and respond to requests.

I have a number of different associates that I pull in to help me fulfil the unique briefs from each client. I supervise and check the work of all my associates to make sure it is as good, or better than work I would have done myself. My associates are sometimes client-facing and sometimes work in the background. Meet them here.

I have a network of designers, developers, photographers and videographers that I can sub-contract as and when required, or I can work with a clients’ existing suppliers.

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