A comprehensive on-demand, ten-hour, information-packed course to support communications professionals move their career into the nature and climate space.

You will learn 

The main issues, challenges and opportunities in the nature and climate space and how to communicate them effectively
Everything you need to know to make you sound and feel competent for working in the nature and climate space

You receive:


  • The benefit of my 20+ years’ experience in creating and implementing communications strategies for start-ups, thought leaders, small businesses, global NGOs, news organisations and iconic brands like Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace
  • Plus my 5+ years’ experience as a senior communications professional for climate and nature companies and initiatives
  • 10 game-changing modules on demand, access to troubleshooting sessions and bonus tools
Stuck in a job promoting something that doesn’t align with your values?
Want to feel like you’re doing something to help the climate and nature crises?
Need to find a job you love?
Keep googling “ikigai”?
Don’t know where to start researching climate and nature to learn more?
Not achieving results?

My ten-hour course is your answer!

In 10 easy steps, on demand to your schedule, I will walk you through the main issues, challenges and opportunities in the nature and climate space, including:

  • Carbon markets (with a focus on the voluntary carbon market)
  • Nature-based solutions and natural-climate solutions
  • Restoration and insetting
  • Finding the right job or contract 

At the end of the two weeks you will know all you need to know to feel confident seeking a job or contract in the nature or climate space.

Bonus content

Jargon buster
Climate and nature key events list
Social media influencers list
Language dos and don'ts toolkit

Almost everything I teach can be found somewhere on the internet. However, there is so much misinformation and disinformation on climate and nature it can be hard to know what to trust. There are also different factions within the climate and nature space. I will help you make sense of all this, with smartly presented information, comprehensive reading lists, and clear graphics.

You will receive access to videos and worksheets for each of my 10 game-changing modules. You will have access to one live Q&A session with me on all the course content.

Investment: €749

Worried about not having enough time?

If you can spare an hour a day and an extra hour a week, you’ll be able to complete the course. If you’re running behind, I have a catch-up Q&A the week after the course is delivered.

Worried you won’t like it?

I have a money back guarantee – a full refund up to and including day 3 of the course, or a 50% refund after one week.

Can’t afford it?

I offer scholarships for those who don’t have the money to pay but are doing outstanding work in climate or nature, email to find out more.

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