A comprehensive two-week, 10-step shortcut to designing an effective communications strategy for nature and climate businesses or initiatives.

You will learn how to

Communicate effectively for nature and climate
Create a communications plan that grows your business, engages investors, and attracts talent

You receive:


  • The benefit of my 20 years’ experience in creating and implementing communications strategies for start-ups, thought leaders, small businesses, global NGOs, news organisations and iconic brands like Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace
  • 10 game-changing modules, access to livestream troubleshooting sessions and bonus tools
Don’t have the budget to hire an agency or communications executive?
Can’t find a communications expert that understands the climate or nature landscape?
Not sure where to focus: Social media? PR? Advertising? Print?
Keep googling “how to create a winning social media strategy”?
Not sure how to reach your ideal clients, investors or customers?
Not achieving results?

My 2-week course is your answer!

In 10 easy steps, each weekday, I will coach you to create an easy-to-implement communications plan and teach you how to:

  • Define communications objectives that drive forward your business or organisational goals
  • Craft effective messages that engage and inspire your audiences
  • Know your audiences and how to talk to them
  • Hone in on the best way to reach your customers, clients and stakeholders

At the end of the two weeks you will have a communications strategy in PowerPoint format that you can implement immediately and share with stakeholders like investors straight away.

Bonus content

Press release template
Climate and nature key events list
Social media plan template
Website health checklist
Brand guidelines template

There are a hundred ways to design a communications strategy, but my course will give you unflinching focus and clear, easy steps to follow, with specific tips for communicating clearly on climate and nature.

You will receive access to videos and worksheets for each of my 10 game-changing modules. There will be three live Q&A sessions once a week during the course and the week afterwards.

The quickest path to failure is not taking any action at all.

Worried about not having enough time?

If you can spare an hour a day and an extra hour a week, you’ll be able to complete the course. If you’re running behind, I have a catch-up Q&A the week after the course is delivered.

Worried you won’t like it?

I have a money back guarantee – a full refund up to and including day 3 of the course, or a 50% refund after one week.

Can’t afford it?

I offer scholarships for those who don’t have the money to pay but are doing outstanding work in climate or nature, email to find out more.

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